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Harambee Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded by Kenyan migrant residents in Northern California.

Their vision was to create a corner stone for the Kenyan community that would serve to bring about a sense unity in times of emergencies and celebration alike.

Harambee is an adopted Kenyan call that means 'pulling together'. A spirit that was set in motion by our founders , that has served to foster Unity in our 41 tribes.

We remain true to this call, and welcome you to our community.

Mission & Vision

Harambee Foundation traces its roots over 20 years ago, when a group of Kenyans who having come to America decided to come together for many reasons among them:

  •  Promote Unity and represent Kenyan Interests in the Bay Area.
  •  Promote Cultural Continuity and Social Networking among the Kenyan Community
  •  Provide Assistance to Active members in times of Emergencies.
  •  Facilitate Kenyan immigrants to settle and assimilate into the American Communities.
  •  Provide Socio, Economic and Educational Assistance to Needy Communities in Kenya.
  •  Play an Ambassadorial role in representing the KenyanCulture
  • We remain committed to this vision and believe that our Organization stands sure chance of achieving it.


    There are two types of membership:
  • i) Single membership: For individuals 18 years of age and above $130
  • ii) Family membership: Covers spouses (husband/wife) or domestic partners $210
  • Membership Eligibility

    Who is Eligible?
    Of the 4 membership types, Only the Active member is eligible.

    Active Member : An individual who is not less than eighteen (18) years of age, who is a Kenyan by Birth, Citizenship or of Kenyan Parentage, who is interested in the welfare of the Corporation and provides assistance or performs services to advance the goals and aims of the Corporation, and has paid membership dues as provided for in Section 8 of these bylaws.

    Individuals that meet the above criteria and would like to join Harambee Foundation can download a membership application form from here or go to the online form here, or contact the Membership Director via email, or whenever possible contact any of our board members in person. Any application for membership shall be reviewed as per Subsection 6 of our bylaws before admittance.

    Annual membership fee is $130 NB: only fully paid-up members vote in the AGM.


    As per Section 3. (a) of our bylaws the Board of Directors has prescribed policies as relates to benefits accorded to Active Members of Harambee Foundation whose (6) months probationary period has elapsed. They are as follows:

    What are you eligible for?

    1. Members are eligible for One Thousand Dollars ( $1000) assistance once per year for a calamity. The following calamities qualify for assistance;

  •  Death of a member; whereby the benefits will then be given to the next of kin.

  •  Death of an immediate family member, in the USA or abroad; an immediate family is defined as a father, mother, child, brother, sister, husband, wife and/ or a step brother/sister.

  •  Loss of a member’s principal dwelling place through natural disasters; e.g. fire, earthquake, floods or mudslides.

  •  Immigration Issues limited only to bailing out a member in case of an immigration sweep-out.

  • 2. Multiple members faced with a common calamity ( for example siblings losing a parent) shall receive a singular assistance of only $1000, however they will be eligible to receive assistance again, should they in the unfortunate event, have another common calamity within the same year.

    3. Please note, in the cases of death its required to provide some proof, such as a death certificate or a newspaper clipping of a death announcement. Where a financial benefit is conferred prior any documentation of proof being on file, Harambee Foundation shall require the same be provided before any future claims for benefits are considered.

    Harambee Board Structure

    Harambee Board Structure


    There are 5 committees that are in session. They include both board and general members & have been constituted with the goal of making the Organization more efficient, accountable and all inclusive. They are... Contitution Review Committee (CRC) Financial Review Committee (FRC) Fundraising Committee (FC) Youth Incorporation Committee (YC) Entertainment Committee (EC) Please contact the board if you are interested in joining one.


    Harambee Foundation is a registered California Nonprofit Public enefit Corporation. Please click on the link below to review our By-Laws. BY-LAWS

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